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Unit Pack Size: 6" Pot

Light:Bright filtered light works best. Morning sun afternoon shade

Water:Soil must be kept slightly damp or moist. Do not let this plant dry out

Temp:Keep this tropical plant warm 75 to 85 degrees is best

Soil:Use acidic soils: Peat based, or coconut fiber, the must have good
drainage as well.

Fertilizer:Use a fertilizer with a high ph

Pests:Becareful treating any pest with insecticide when berries are on this
is an edible fruit

Special Care:Keep this plant away from ac cooled rooms.. Dry air is bad!!! If you mustkeep it inside, mist often to create some humidity.

Flower Color:Small white flowers, that turn into berries

Growth Habit:This is not a fast growing plant.. They are usually about 10 to 15 inches tall

Fun Fact: The berry is the miracle of this fruit. After eating just one berry everything you eat for the next 30 min. will have a sweet taste..
It is used a lot with cancer patients taking chemo to take the "metallic" taste

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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