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BROMELIAD, Guzmania Switch (Burgandy)*

Unit Pack Size: 6" Pot Light:Shade to indirect light.

Water:Sparse watering and only through their funnel.

Temp:Many Bromeliads will happily flourish at temperatures around 65 to 70 degrees as long as they are provided with sufficient light.

Soil:General potting soil is fine.

Fertilizer:Feed diluted liquid fertilizer once a month in summer and not at all in winter.

Pests:None noted.

Special Care:Use purified water to avoid unsightly spots on the leaves and when feeding apply to the soil not the funnel. Avoid too dry of air in the winter
as this will also dammage them.

Flower Color:The true flowers of the Bromeliad species are generally yellow but vary. The colorful bracts surrounding them are what really attracts.

Growth Habit:Bromeliads are monocarpic, that is, they die after flowering. This process, however can take up to three years during which time small
offshoots grow around the base of the plant which can be seperated from the mother and propagated to form new plants!

Fun Fact:Bromeliads are native to the tropics of Central and South America. This family consists of 45 genera and about 2000 species in a variety of
colors, shapes and sizes.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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