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PALM, Ponytail
[F10PA PO]

Unit Pack Size: 10" Pot
Light:They prefer bright light

Water:Moderate to low water needs. Allow the soil to dry well between waterings.

Temp:Normal room temperatures are fine. It is native to the desert so it can take warmtemperatures.

Soil:A sandy-mix soil generally minimize the probability of root rot.

Fertilizer:Fertilize monthly with liquid fertilizer.

Pests:Generally the ponytail is insect free, but on occasion does attract mealybugs, spider
mites and scale. Spray with soapy water twice a day till gone.

Special Care:They are easy to care for and drought resistant.

Flower Color:They produce flower stalks, consist of clusters of small beige blossoms, when they
are grown outdoors.

Growth Habit:The ponytail palm has a large base and head of pendulous, smooth-edged flat leaves.
They are very slow growers.

Fun Fact:They are sometimes called elephant foot because of the shape of the bulbous base.
They are also called bottle palms because of the base and thin trunk. These plants are not really palms at all. They are a member of the lily family.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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