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DRACAENA, Janet Craig (Tip) 3 Plants Per Pot
[F10DR JC]

Unit Pack Size: 10" Pot

Light:They will survive low light levels, but grows best in filtered light.

Water:This plant needs a well drained potting medium. It is best to avoid wet or dry extremes.
You will do much better keeping them on the dry side. Allow the soil to dry between 1/3 and 1/2 down before watering.

Temp:This plant does not like heat. This is important to remember during summer monthswhen plants have a tendency to discolor. Recommended maximum temperature is90 degrees. Below 70 degrees slows growth.

Soil:A mixture of peat and pine bark with perhaps 10% sand. Stay away from perlite because of fluoride problems.

Fertilizer:The use of fertilizers indoors generally increase the possibility of damage from salts.Fertilizers leave salts behind in the soil which will burn leaf tissue and turn tips brown.

Pests:Mealybugs, spider mites and thrips.

Special Care:The leaves over time will collect dust, using a feather duster regularly will help keepfoliage clean. Trim brown tips and edge of leaves to a natural contour with scissors.

Flower Color:No flower.

Growth Habit:Janet Craig has a shiny, wide, dark green leaves, with wavy margins, measuring 3 inches wide and approximately 2 feet long.

Fun Fact:The history or "beginnings" of Janet Craig goes back to the 1930's or so. "Janet Craig" is actually a 'sport' or a variant of Draceana Warneckii and was namedafter the daughter of nurseryman Robert Craig, who lived ithe Philadelphia area.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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