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Unit Pack Size: 8" Pot

Light:Very bright, natural light just shy of full sun. East, south and west windows should do
nicely. Too little light leads to straggly growth.

Water:Check the plant for water 3 times per week until you become accustomed to the plants water needs. Keep the soil moist, occasionally allowing the soil to dry down to near wilting point. Allowing the plant to dry down will help prevent Fungus Gnats.When watering it is important to water all the way around the plant. This prevents thesoil from developing dry spots which in turn will cause leaf loss. Water until it runsfreely from the pots drainage holes. Remove excess from the drip tray.

Temp:China Doll prefers a summer temperature in the upper 70's and a winter temperature in the lower 60's. It does not like to be too warm.

Soil:They grow best in a well-drained nourishing soil.

Fertilizer:Add a weak fertilizer solution to the water every 2 weeks. Do not feed in the winter.

Pests:Aphids, Mealy bugs and spider mites.

Special Care:May need to cut back when it becomes leggy. Do not cut back when in active growth. When you cut back, also reduce the frequency of water. Increase watering again as new foliage begins to develop.

Flower Color:It is difficult to bring into bloom in the home.

Growth Habit:An upright columnar bush.It has soft, delicate looking glossy green foliage.

Fun Fact:This plant will drop its leaves if you smoke around it.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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