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DIEFFENBACHIA, Compacta (Exotica)
[F06DI CO]

Unit Pack Size: 6" Pot

Light:This is a low light plant. In fact blazing hot sunshine makes
this plant weak and sickly

Water:Water when soil feels dry to touch,, Never let this plant sit in water

Temp:Never let the temperatures fall below 61 degrees.

Soil:Use a nutritious soil blend with a high peat content

Fertilizer:Feed every other time the plant is water from March to October

Pests:Spider mites, treat with an insecticide for spider mites

Special Care:This plant really needs to special care or grooming.

Flower Color:These plants may flower blooms that resemble a calla lily, but the plant
usually dies after flowering, But will have formed so many sideshoots that the
new plants can be grown from them

Growth Habit:Usually short bushy plants can reach heights of 4 to 5 feet.

Fun Fact:This plant comes from the rain forest of Brazil and Columbia, it was discovered
in the 1920's and named after the head Gardner of Schonbrunn castle in Vienna.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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