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BULB, Garden Asst. Bulbs (W/Basket)

Unit Pack Size: Large #4

Light:Bright Light Inside/ Full Sun Outside

Water:Water Forced Bulbs when the soil begins to feel dry. Water from top. Be Sure any excess water is emptied from saucer. Never let excess water set in tray for more than an hour after watering. Stop watering Bulbs when the leaves begin to turn yellow.

Temp:The cooler the temp the longer the blooms will last. If you would like to stop the plant from blooming you can put in a cooler and hold at 34 degrees. The warmer the temp the faster the plant will bloom

Soil:well drained potting soil

Fertilizer:Water -Soluble houseplant fertilizer while in pot.

Pests:Aphids will cause damage to the tulip foliage, usually just washing the leaves off with water or an insecticidal soap will do the trick

Special Care:Bulbs can be replanted outside after blooming. If you choice to do this you should remove the flower heads and keep the soil evenly moist until foliage dies completely down. Never remove the leaves until they have turned brown (this will store energy for next season's bloom) After the last frost of the season plant bulbs in your garden. It may take 2 to 3 years for your bulbs to re-bloom

Flower Color:Asst.

Growth Habit:Depends on Type of Bulb.. See bulb name for more details

Fun Fact:

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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