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LILY, Easter 2ppp*
[BU08LI EA 2P]

Unit Pack Size: 8" Pot

Light:Medium to bright light (No Direct sun) when in bloom. If planted in a garden
filtered to part shade

Water:keep moist but not saturated, NEVER allow the soil to become dry or the
plant to sit in water.

Temp:To slow the bloom down, the cooler the better, than can be kept at a temp downto 34 degrees

Soil:Humis-rich soil that is well drained

Fertilizer:Lilies need no fertilizing when bought as a potted plant. If planted in the garden
a once-a-year application of a slow-release fertilizer in spring is good.

Pests:Although lilies are subject to a number of diseases and pests, these will rarely
be a problem during the short time a lily spends in your home.

Special Care:Lily's are forced to bloom at Easter, by precooling the bulbs and controlling the
growing temp. according to the date to Easter. If you plant the bulbs outdoors
they will bloom mid to late summer.

Flower Color:White

Growth Habit:Are normally about 18 to 20in tall, but grown outdoors in the garden can
reach heights of up to 3 feet

Fun Fact:Did you know that the Easter Lily was originally called the Bermuda Lily as a
result of its introduction into Bermuda in the mid 1800's by an English missionary.
The island prove to be quite favorable to bulb production and soon the bulbs
were distributed all over the island. A visiting nurseryman saw the plant and
realized their potential value and thus was born the American Easter Lily!

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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