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WATER PLANT, Papyrus Little Tut*
[F10WP PA]

Unit Pack Size: 10" Pot

Light:Bright light, but keep away from the hot sun.

Water:Keep this plant soaked! This plant is a water lover and can grow standing
in water.

Temp:Try to keep this plant above 50 degrees, however there are some varieties
that can tolerate temps as low as 10 degrees.

Soil:Regularly potting soil is fine.

Fertilizer:Feed every 10 days with a weak dose of fertilizer.

Pests:Spider mites, which can usually be washed off with your hose.

Special Care:Mist leaves often. If repotting is needed, do so only in the spring of year.

Flower Color:Very small white flower are usually unnoticeable.

Growth Habit:Depending on if your plant is a regular or dwarf� Regular verities havebeen known to grow up to 10 feet.

Fun Fact:This plant was considered very important to the Ancient Egyptians
two and half thousand years ago. They used this plant in many ways Including the manufacturing of scrolls, mats, ropes, and even shoes.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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