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STOCK, VINCA Variegated Vine*

Unit Pack Size: Bask 10"
Light:This plant can tolerate full sun to shade. It can also easily
tolerate inside conditions

Water:Likes a moist soil. If in a pot keep water regularly. If planted in ground
it can tolerate a little more dry conditions

Temp:Outside it can tolerate extreme heat, inside normal room temps are fine

Soil:This plant is not particular to soil. It will grow most anywhere

Fertilizer:Add a dilute liquid fertilizer every other week during growing season

Pests:Not many pest bother this plant. Problems would be mostly Rust Fungus and Leaf blight

Special Care:If plant gets to straggly looking it will not hurt it to cut the stems
completely back to the ground.

Flower Color:Purple

Growth Habit:Is a small creeping perennial, which can be grown as annual. Upright stems
can reach Heights of 12 to 18", but will spread eagerly horizontally and cover
a lot of ground

Fun Fact:The genus name Vinca is from the Latin vinca-pervinca, meaning to bind or windaround. It refers to the one-time use of the flexible stems for making wreaths

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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