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HIBISCUS, Montego Wind (Orange/Pink throat) *

Unit Pack Size: 8" Pot Light:This is a sun lover and can take full sun

Water:Water regularly and generously in growing season, and mist often
during daylight hours

Temp:This plant must stay above 65 degrees. Winter Temperature should
be between 50 and 60 degrees.

Soil:Use a humus-rich nutritious potting soil

Fertilizer:Feed with a liquid fertilizer at 1/2 strength during active growing season.

Pests:Aphids and spider mites which can be treated with any mild insect side.

Special Care:To stop the plant from getting to big cut back in early spring and
remove3 leggy growth

Flower Color:Red, yellow, orange, pink, and many two tones

Growth Habit:These plants Varity in size according to pot size, then can reach
over 5 feet tall They grow quickly with good care and yearly pruning

Fun Fact:A thicken hard leaf with malformed ribs means not enough warmth

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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