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BEGONIA, Wax Asst.*

Unit Pack Size: 4" Pot
Light:Open sunny positions in summer.

Water:Water regularly in the dry period, although the soil around the plant must never bereally wet.

Temp:Warm, summer temperatures are ideal.

Soil:Wax Begonias will thrive in regular, well-drained garden soil.

Fertilizer:Add a little fertilizer to the water every 14th day.

Pests:Foliar nematodes.

Special Care:No special care but you can trim off the withered blooms.

Flower Color:Pink, white and red

Growth Habit:Wax begonias reach a height of 6-8 inches in a couple of months. They then stop
growing upwards and begin to bush out sideways and can be quite broad.

Fun Fact:Wax begonias are among the plants which help to make parks brighter and more
attractive in the summer months. Most are hybrids and the result of many years of
cultivation where the color, size or growth of the parent plant has been improved upon.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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