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DAISY, Gerber*
[B12DA GE]

Unit Pack Size: 12" Pot

Light:Provide an area where it will get bright light and direct sun.

Water:Keep soil moist at all times otherwise the plant will wilt. Do not let the plant sit in standing water. Allow good air circulation around plant after water to preventafter watering to prevent fungus from growing on the leaves. Mist leaves occasionally.

Temp:This plant likes average temperatures, 50-75 degrees is ideal.

Soil:Healthy enriched soil.

Fertilizer:Fertilize every two weeks while in bloom with all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer.

Pests:Aphids, gray mildew, leaf miner, leaf spots, thrips, white fly, white powdery mildew.

Special Care:Remove dead blooms with harden shears to encourage them to keep blooming. with garden shears to encourage them to keep blooming.

Flower Color:Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, White, Cream around a central yellow disc.

Growth Habit:The foliage grows as a low mound of large leaves. Each bloom can be as much as 4-5" across.

Fun Fact:Sending colored Gerbera daisies represent different emotions, similar to what
each rose color means.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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