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[B04OX PU]

Unit Pack Size: 4" Pot

Light:Partial shade, indoor or out

Water:Water regularly throughout the growing season. Drying out will result in a stopof flower production. Growing Season is from February to October.

Temp:This plant likes cooler temperatures inside a north window is good.

Soil:A porous, sandy potting soil is best.

Fertilizer:any regular houseplant fertilizer will work

Pests:no know pest bother this plant. Scorching leaves seems to be it's biggest
Problem which can be solved but not placing in direct sun.

Special Care:In the winter months this plants needs to rest and should be over-wintered in
a dark, dry, cool place

Flower Color:lavender

Growth Habit:normally this plants stay low and bushy and avg no taller than 6in

Fun Fact:Did you know this plant is native to south America

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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