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CYCLAMEN, (Asst) (Val)*
[B65CY VA]

Unit Pack Size: 6-6.5" Pot

Light:Bright light, but no direct sun

Water:It is best to water this plant from below by setting it in a saucer and letting
it soak up the water, however do no let sit in water for a long period of time
Slow should always be keep moist.

Temp:This plant likes cool temp. The best area for it is between 50 to 60 degrees

Soil:Lime free compost

Fertilizer:With a general feritlizer on a regular bases during flowering time

Pests:These plants are relatively untroubled by Pest and Diseases

Special Care:If plant needs repotting it is best to do so every two years. Never cover the
tuber by more than half

Flower Color:Red, Pink, White, Purple, and two tones

Growth Habit:6 to 10in high by 6 to 12" wide depending on pot size

Fun Fact:Did you know the stem on which the flowers are is bent 180 degrees at the
tip. The nose of the flower always faces downwards. The flower has 5 petals
which are bent up or outwards, giving the flower a cup like look

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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