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ALOE, Vera*

Unit Pack Size: 6" Pot

Light:Bright light suits all aloes. Those with spiny leaves usually do well in full sunlight,but the softer-leaved kinds do best if sunlight reaches them indirectly. No Aloe willthrive if permanently placed at a distance from a window.

Water:During the active growth period water plentifully as often as necessary to keep the potting mixture thoroughly moist. During the rest period water only enough to preventthe mixture from drying out. Do not permit water to collect in the tight rosette.

Temp:Aloes grow well in normal room temperatures and are tolerant of dry air.

Soil:Use a soil-based potting mixture.

Fertilizer:Apply standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks during the active growth period.

Pests:Mealy bugs and root mealy bugs.

Special Care:To encourage flowering, give them a short winter rest at no more than 50 degrees.

Flower Color:A stalk up to 3' long carries tubular, inch-long, yellow flowers.

Growth Habit:The plant forms a stemless clump of dagger-shaped leaves 1-2' long and 2-3" wide.
Leaves are gray-green faintly spotted with white, and edged with soft teeth.

Fun Fact:Aloe Vera is commonly known as the medicine plant because its juices are excellent for healing burns.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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