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PHILODENDRON, Hybrid Red (Drk Stem 18" Pole)

Unit Pack Size: 6" Pole

Light:This plant Likes Bright Filtered Light, it can tolerate shade but the color tends
to fade.

Water:Water moderately in spring & Summer, allowing the mixture to dry out partiallybefore rewatering. In the Winter water sparingly, giving only enough water
to barely moisten the mixture.

Temp:Don't let the temp. fall below 60 degrees.

Soil:Only repot this plant when the roots have Filled the present pot. Use equal
parts potting soil and leaf mold or coarse peat moss.

Fertilizer:Apply a standard liquid Fertilizer every two weeks during active growing season

Pests:Pest are not known to bother this plant, but if the tips and edges turn brown, the
air is to dry, mist regularly to correct this problem.

Special Care:Cut stems back if they grow too long or straggly

Flower Color:6in dark Purple, boat shaped spathe w/fragrant white spadix, but this is rare
in cultivation.

Growth Habit:If trained up a moss pole, this plant can reach over 6ft tall. This is a Fast growing

Fun Fact:This plant grows wild in Trinidad, Columbia and Venezuela where it clings to
the bark of tree trunks, climbing to reach the light. Philodendron means
"Tree Lover"

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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