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PALM, Sago*
[F21PA SA]

Unit Pack Size: 21" Pot

Light:The sago palm should have a shady to half-shady position in the summer and be
placed in a brighter spot in the winter.

Water:The sago needs only a little water in the winter. When a new leaf begins to appeargive plenty of water. Keep the air humid. Mist regularly.

Temp:It needs a lot of warmth- the upper 70's when germinating, The lower 70's in the summer and no less than 60 degrees in the winter.

Soil:Use a light, sandy mixture.

Fertilizer:Feed when a new leaf begins to appear.


Special Care:Shower ocassionally to keep the fronds free of dust. Cut off old fronds.

Flower Color:No flower.

Growth Habit:The sago is a slow grower. It produces only a few fronds per year. The Sago has
a Woody cylindrical trunk with large stiff fronds which are dark green and have
closely packed leaflets which come to a sharp point.

Fun Fact:The sago palm is botanically known as Cycas revoluta, and although their appearance is quite similar to a palm, they are not, nor do they belong to the palm trees family. They are cycads, belonging to the division Cycadophyta.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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