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ARALIA, Balfour
[F14AR BA]

Unit Pack Size: 14" Pot

Light:Balfour Aralias cannot tolerate strong sunlight, but often suffers from lack of light
in the winter. Keep it in an east or west facing window.

Water:It is preferable to boil the water to remove the minerals which may cause spots on theleaves. The soil should be kept evenly moist in the summer. Water more sparinglyin the winter, but remember to mist even at this time of year (but never during sunless days). The water should be lukewarm.

Temp:The higher the humidity the higher the temperature it can take, but it grows best when the temperature is around 70 degrees in the summer, and around 60 degreesin the winter.

Soil:Use a porous and well drained potting soil with plenty of peat.

Fertilizer:Feed once a week with a water-soluable fertilizer.

Pests:Aphids and spider mites.

Special Care:Frequent misting and no direct sunlight. Boil water to prevent leaf spots from minerals.

Flower Color:It is rare for it to bloom especially in the northern states

Growth Habit:Balfour Aralia is a vigorous plant which can grow more that 3 feet tall. They have
rounded green leaves with a pale edging. It has a compact growth with leaves down
to the edge of the pot

Fun Fact:Polyscias balfouriana comes from New Caledonia, where it grows as an evergreen
or as a small tree. More and more varieties are becoming popular house plants.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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