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ALOCASIA, Elephant Ear*
[F06AL EE]

Unit Pack Size: 6" Pot

Light:Allocasia needs tropical light throughout the year. They will rest in the winter
because of poor light conditions.

Water:The soil must be kept evenly moist. Water should be lukewarm and as free of
calcium as possible. This plant also likes humidity.

Temp:They will rest in normal room temperatures in winter. It needs plenty of warmthin summer and is sensitive to any temperature under 50 degrees and must be moved away from cold windows in winter.

Soil:The soil should contain plenty of coarse sphagnum. Make sure the pot has a good layer of drainage gravel in the base.

Fertilizer:Feed with half the recommended dose of liquid fertilizer; even less in winter.

Pests:Spider mites and mealy bugs.

Special Care:Needs sufficient light. Repot as the plant gets new leaves and outgrows the pot.

Flower Color:Alocasia has Calla-like flowers with bracts clustered around the flower spike,
however it is normally grown for its leaves.

Growth Habit:The leaves are large and triangular in shape with clearly defined veins.

Fun Fact:Some varieties can grow taller than a man. The yard-long leaves grow in
stems reaching up from the ground.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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