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ALGERIAN, Ivy Green*
[F04IV AG]

Unit Pack Size: 4" Pot
Special order only

Light:Avoid Strong sunlight/ but bright indirect light is best

Water:Water regularly in summer, but sparingly in winter

Temp:Normal room temperature is fine

Soil:Regular potting soil

Fertilizer:Feed monthly during spring and summer. No Feed in Winter

Pests:Aphids, Scale and Spider mite tend to love these plants, treat with an
insecticide as soon as signs of these pest appear.

Special Care:to keep your plant nice and neat you may want to trim overly long runners

Flower Color:Rarely bloom

Growth Habit:This vining plant may grow shoots of 2 or 3 yards long

Fun Fact:Algerian ivy is closely related to English ivy, but since it comes from a more
mild climate, it is more cold tender.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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