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BLOODLEAF, (Chicken Gizzard)

Unit Pack Size: 3" Pot

Light:Inside a bright sunny window, south facing is best. Outside
morning sun and afternoon shade is best.

Water:Water regularly and evenly, the soil must not be permitted to dry out

Temp:Never let night time temperature fall below 50 degrees

Soil:A rich potting soil is best suited for this plant

Fertilizer:Feed with any regular fertilizer on a regular basis through out
growing season (Spring to Fall)

Pests:White fly may attack this plant, misting frequently will help prevent
this, but you may need to use a chemical insecticide if infestation isto great

Special Care:Frequent pinching will give you a bushy more leafy plant

Flower Color:This plant is sold for it's colorful foliage, the flowers or insignificant

Growth Habit:When kept pinched back this plant stays around 10 to 12 incheswhen kept ungroomed it can reach heights up to 18inches

Fun Fact:The red color of the leaves comes from the red pigments which cover the natural green chlorophyll pigmentation. No plant can survive without this green pigmentation

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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