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FITTONIA, Mini Red (Good for Terrariums)
[F02FI MR]

Unit Pack Size: 2" Pot

Light:Provide an area with low to medium light. Keep away from direct sunlight. This
plant also does very well with florescent lighting.

Water:Keep soil moist at all times. Do not allow to dry out completely. This plant prefers
high humidity. It does great in terrariums. Surround the plant with damp peat andmist the leaves often.

Temp:This plant likes average room temperatures between 65 - 76 degrees is ideal.

Soil:A mixture of equal parts peat, loam and leaf mold with a generous amount of sandadded is ideal.

Fertilizer:Feed sparingly every couple of months.

Pests:Aphids, moths, fungus gnats, mealy bugs, mites, snails, slugs and thrips.

Special Care:If necessary to repot, do so in the spring. This plant has shallow roots so you can use a smaller pot. Any straggly growth should be cut back in spring.

Flower Color:Flowers are small with a white to off-white color. They should be pinched off to
create a bushier plant.

Growth Habit:They are short plants with lush green leaves with accented veins of white to deep pink and have a short fuzz covering its stems.

Fun Fact:Its intricate leaf vein patterns in red, pink, silver or white gives this plant the
common name of "mosaic plant".

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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