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BROMELIAD, Aechmea Fasciata

Unit Pack Size: 8" Pot

Light:All potted Aechmeas grow best in full sunlight. They will not flower successfullyif kept at a distance from a sunny window.

Water:Water moderately, enough to make the potting mixture thoroughly moist, but allowthe top half inch to dry out between waterings. In addition, make sure that the
cuplike centers of plants have a constant supply of fresh water. Cups should beemptied and replenished periodically to prevent water from becoming stale and smelly.Hard water disfigures the leaves by building up lime deposits.

Temp:These plants like temperatures of over 60 degrees coupled with high humidity throughout the year. Pots should be placed on trays of moist pebbles.

Soil:An equal parts mixture of leaf mold, peat moss, and course sand or perlite is suitable.
Most Aechmeas produce rather little root, and therefore do best in small pots.

Fertilizer:Except in midwinter (when these plants may take a brief rest), provide half-strength
standard liquid fertilitzer once every two weeks. Apply the fertilizer not only at the roots,
but over the foliage and into the central cup.

Pests:Scale insects and mosquitos will sometimes breed in pools of water that are trapped
between leaves.

Special Care:Smaller plants will flower in 4 inch pots, and the 5 inch size suffices for most others.
Repotting, if done at all, should take place just as new growth begins.

Flower Color:The plant sends up a strong flower stalk bearing a pink inflorescence up to 6" long.

Growth Habit:All Aechmeas flower only when mature, usually after 3 or 4 years' growth. The flower can remain for up to six months.

Fun Fact:After a plant has flowered, the rosette slowly dies. During this period offsets appear around the base of the old rosette. When the offsets are about half the size of theparent plant, they can be detached and planted in 2 or 3" pots.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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