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AZALEA, Florist (Asst)*

Unit Pack Size: 6" Pot

Light:Bright light but never full sun.

Water:Never let this plant dry out, especially when it is in bloom. Water everyday
when blooming with a lime free soft water.

Temp:Around 65 to 70 degrees is best� The cooler you keep the plant the slower
the blooms will open, do not let cooler temp. fall below 36 degrees.

Soil:moist peat moss is best.

Fertilizer:Feed from March to August, but only 1/2 strength when it is in bloom, to muchfood may result in bud and leaf drop.

Pests:Aphids or white, use a household/garden insecticide to cure.

Special Care:When flower buds have formed pinch off all the new shoots beside the flower
buds. Real pruning isn't necessary

Flower Color:Pink, Red, White, & Purple Shades

Growth Habit:These plants are small bushy trees that avg in height from 5 to 12inches

Fun Fact:Did you know you can self propagate this plant by planting tip stem cuttings
in August, make sure the cuttings are kept warm, moist and to ensure humidity
put a plastic bag over the pot for the 1st 3 or 4 weeks.

The key to a happy plant is proper care!

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