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JoAnn’s Greenhouse

On a rural farm just south of Perryville, MO, JoAnn and Jerry Buchheit began their lives  together.  They started their family and had three children, Cindy, Richard, and Christopher.  Jerry was a commercial truck driver and JoAnn started out as a homemaker.  JoAnn had a strong passion for plants.  About forty years ago she began the business by trading plants with her neighbors.  Soon after that they started a small retail business.

The business soon began to grow rapidly!  The first greenhouse that was built was the actually the carport covered with polly.  Another greenhouse was built within a year.  By the late 1970’s they became strictly wholesale and sold to all customer types; florist, garden center, landscapers, interior scapers, amongst others, within a one hundred mile radius. 

Today JoAnn’s Greenhouse has a total of ten acres of production area.  There are five acres of covered production area.  They are covered by glass and polly.  The other five acres are used as outdoor growing areas.  JoAnn’s Greenhouse has now branched out and sells to customers within a two hundred fifty mile radius.

JoAnn’s Greenhouse is a year round supplier of tropical plants and gift planters.  They are not a seasonal business but are able to supply you with any product you may need during any holiday throughout the year.

After the business began to grow, JoAnn’s Greenhouse soon realized the need for its own transportation of product to their customers.  Logistics and transportation is accomplished by JoAnn’s company owned trucking company called JRC Trucking.  JRC handles all deliveries to your door.  JRC also handles your year round supply of tropical plants from Florida for your everyday needs.  They bring in an average of ninety semi loads a year of tropical foliage and blooming. 

Between the two companies JoAnn’s Greenhouse and JRC Trucking employs an average of forty full time employees year round. 

There are many features that the greenhouse has acquired through the years that sets it apart from other companies.  They have a computer controlled greenhouse environment.  They use sawdust burning boilers for heat instead of strictly propane or electric.  Also, most greenhouses are naturally venting which means that less electricity is needed to open and close the vents.


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